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Transportation Strategy for Yugoria Region (Russia)

In 2010 Stas Marketing was commission by Yugoria-HMAO Ministry of Transport to develop strategy for transportation industry for 2011-2015 that would be aligned with national transportation strategy but rely on regional specifics.

Project was also aimed to analyse budget funds spending effectiveness, to prepare ideas to transportation system for mid-term perspective and prove budget consideration. All elements of strategy should be focused at increasing level of transportation accessibility to regional population.

Stas Marketing completed the project using several instruments and tools like:

  • Budget subsidies analysis
  • Best practice of transportation management in different areas of Russia and evaluation of consistency of different methods
  • Airport holdings analysis around the world
  • Domestic airports benchmarking
  • Expert survey to verify opinions of 6 domestic airports management
  • Building the list of criteria for selection of project to be included in state-supported projects

As a result Stas Marketing developed 2011-2015 strategy for Yugoria-HMAO transportation strategy that segments into sub-industries (air transport, rail road, auto road, inland waterway transport, transportation safety) and includes budget projection and argumentation. Specific part of the program was concept of establishing state-controlled regional airport group.

Transportation Strategy for Yugoria Region (Russia)